Timani Affiliate Programme


  • Think Timani is super useful tool?
  • Already sharing it?
  • Want to help your fellow musicians and at the same time earn a little extra cash?

Then the Timani affiliate programme is for you!


Apply Here

We really value pioneers here at Timani HQ, those brave few that try something new before anyone else has heard of it and because of that and that you guys are the best at spreading the message from your own experience, we want to thank you for helping us make this grow, by giving you:

50% of the fee for the first 6 months of their membership!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us about the affiliate structure:

How long do cookies last?

Not very long in our house! How about yours? However, we're not actually talking about the biscuit variety here, more, we're talking about those tiny little trails left behind by clicking on links... like leaving cookie crumbs behind you as you walk from one site to another which ultimately leads us back to your (online) door. This way we know the lead came from you and we can pay you commission.

How our set up works is that if someone, using your link, signs up within a 6 month period, then you get the commission. (However if they use a different browser we can't track it, no crumb trail!) 

We also run a last click wins system, so if you are the last link that that person uses when they sign up even if they've clicked on someone else's before you'll get the commission.

When should I expect the First Payment?

You'll receive your first payment up to 60 days after them signing up as we offer a 30 day free trial, and then after that, we process their payment and you'll receive commission monthly thereafter. We pay it at the start of each month.

It's paid to you via PayPal only so you may need to set up an account.

What's the commission?

You will receive 50% of the monthly fee of each sign up through your special link for 6 months or for the duration of their membership, if shorter than that.

How do I sign up? And can anyone become an affiliate?

Click on the apply here button, fill out your details and you'll get your special referral link that you'll be able to share on social media and in emails.

Can anyone become an affiliate? If you feel inspired by Timani then yes. We love it when people are excited and grab a group of friends to gather to join them for the journey of music and body enquiry. If you're that kind of catalyst in your group we want to reward you for your enthusiasm and show our gratitude to you for sharing our work.

More Questions?

Email: support@timani.no