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for Musicians!
TimaniCommunity is an online membership for musicians all over the worldwho want to:
  •  Learn musician related anatomy
  •  Learn powerful tools to play more effortlessly
  •  Get rid of physical blocks that stop you from expressing your full musical potential
  •  Learn exactly which muscles will take you to the next level, and those that will hold you back from playing freely
  •  Learn movement and coordination skills developed for musicians to reduce pain and enhance performance
  •  Enhance your mental focus and become more present and confident whilst performing
  •  Understand and help your students use their bodies more efficiently
  •  Join a community of like minded musicians exploring human potential in a non-competitive environment
Whether your background is classical, 
jazz, folk, rock or pop...
Helping your body to be more efficient while playing can help you regardless of your instrument or genre.

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€29 per month 

30 day money back guarantee!
Have you ever questioned how the body affects your playing? 
In Timani we specialize in the connection between the body and making music. 
To read more about Timani, go to www.timani.no!
TimaniCommunity Is An Easy Way to Learn Invaluable Skills From Home
Watch the videos
Learn relevant anatomy and movement for musicians, and discover new skills and coordination that improves your playing.
Once you've learnt a new technique, it's time to take it to your instrument and implement in your playing.
Ask Questions
Get access to the founder of Timani, Tina Margareta Nilssen, to ask questions about the body related to performing music.
What you get when joining TimaniCommunity...
  • A comprehensive anatomy course for musicians where key muscles are described and related to music making
  • A step-by-step guide through weekly e-mail reminders for the first 6 months, and regular updates after that
  • Tips on how to sit and stand in the best way for musicians, which is different than "just" having a good posture
  • Exercises for enhancing coordination skills in your whole body relating to your playing and singing
  • How to implement Timani in your daily practice
  • Relevant topic videos about breathing, support and other themes
  • Free anatomy manual
  • Questions and answers section where the answer to your question is filmed and posted regularly
  • A community of like-minded musicians who are open and curious, wanting to thrive as musicians, with an exclusive Facebook page for sharing experiences
  • Instrument specific tips for winds, strings, pianists and more… 
Our vision
In Timani we want to help and contribute to creating a world of healthy, content and confident musicians, singers and music teachers. 

We think that musicians give important gifts to the world, and that we as musicians deserve to be comfortable in our own skin as we walk our musical journey. We want to see us musicians thriving all over the world, feeling that we can master the challenges in a healthy way both mentally and physically.

We think musicians deserve to enjoy every part of performing, even when it’s intense, and that we can have a lifetime of curiosity about ourselves, playing with our body as the first instrument combined with our musical passions and explorations.
  • After years of teaching these movement skills, we know that it is possible for you to:
  •  Progress like you’ve had significantly more practice just by activating different muscles when playing
  •  Find more flow when breathing with less effort
  •  Relax AND support the shoulders so your arms feel more heavy and free
  •  Find power from the seat or feet that unloads the effort in your arms and hands
  •  Spark hope, inspiration and a curiosity that confirms your physical and musical intuition
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Most musicians have experienced frustration when trying to improve their coordination and technique 
without sufficient anatomical knowledge of what muscles to use.

We have often tried to:
· Relax the shoulders
· Sit straight
· Breathe well
· Have a good posture
· Have weight in our arms
· Bend our fingers

In Timani we aim to dive deep into these topics to see what is actually going on
under your skin while you play your instrument. 
"Timani will give you amazing possibilities for development as a 
musician and as a human being!"
 Beate Mordal
Opera Singer
Frequently Asked Questions
What does the course look like?
You’ll have instant access to a membership area with lots of musician related anatomy, exercises and tips for enhancing your personal practice.
You will also receive a weekly email for the first 6 months with detailed lessons on which muscles you should use and which muscles you should relax when playing and singing. You will learn to find more power and unlock more of your latent potential. For more specifics, a full list of details about what you get in TimaniCommunity is further down the page.
Who is it for?
It is for every professional musician, amateur musician, music teacher or music student of every instrument/singing, and for all genres. It is for anyone who has experienced challenges with the physical part of playing through pain or effort, but it is also for you who have never had problems but still want to increase your knowledge and skill of playing and singing. It is for you who truly want to explore your human potential. It is for you who are open minded, who wants the best for yourself and others, and who is keen to understand how to create a better life as a musician.
What if I find out it’s not for me once I’ve joined?
We offer a full 30-day risk free money back guarantee from the day you join. You can cancel at any time after that too, however we don’t offer a refund after that. In that case you end your subscription and then don’t pay anything further. And we thank you for your interest and for joining us that far.
Will the focus on anatomy distract or diminish my natural feeling of playing?
Far from it. You may find that it brings you even more range for your talent to expand and develop even further. However, there might be an initial practice time before your new skills are integrated and feel completely natural. But with the concrete knowledge and exercises you will have a great foundation for your explorations while practising.
Why did we create this online opportunity?
We wanted to make it available, across the world, to as many musicians as possible. We also made it as affordable as a meal out. And even though the information is great to help a healthy music career, we wanted to make it possible for everyone to join!
Will I be a teacher of Timani by joining this membership?
No, you will not be a certified teacher of Timani. You’re welcome to share your ah-ha’s with others, but you will not have received the amount of knowledge or experience it takes to become a teacher and help others sufficiently. If you want to find out more about the next English or Norwegian teacher training you can go HERE for the Norwegian and HERE for the English Courses.
TimaniCommunity exists to reimagine what it is to be a modern musician.
Meet Tina and find out more about the roots of Timani
Hey Everyone,
Thanks for taking the time to come visit the TimaniCommunity page. I’m really happy to have you here. 

I’m Tina, the founder of Timani and I'm excited to share with you everything I’ve gathered over the last 20 years through being a musician, a mental coach and musician’s movement specialist.

When I was 18 years old, I started my university studies to become a classical pianist. At that time, I was convinced that if I would just practice 6-8 hours every day, I would magically get the career and recognition that the pianist I felt that I had inside of me deserved. I also had many concepts about what was success and what was failure in terms of how my career should look. And I also had a total conviction that my piano playing had nothing to do with my body. The music was all that mattered to me. And the funny thing is…it still is! But now I have realised that it is the body that is creating the music, and transmitting EVERYTHING that happens at the emotional and musical level. That the body is in fact our first instrument, regardless of the outer piece of wood or metal. I completely love nerding around with different instruments also, but down to the basics of it, the fact is that when you are playing the instrument you have in your hands, and the body needs to do the work.
From my own personal experience as a pianist, and through coaching thousands of musicians, I know and understand the common peaks and pitfalls of being a musician. The immense desire to express through sound, the moments of peak performance that drive us to keep going, the trying to regain or reach the feeling of natural technique, occasional or chronic pain and discomfort, the lack of musician-related anatomical understanding, the wish to relax and feel free but not really knowing how, the sense of musical ability inside that doesn’t effortlessly flow through, and maybe on top of all this, nerves and anxiety, a sense of struggle, frustration and the feeling of not being recognised and good enough. It may sound bad… but we cannot hide the facts anymore. Even recent studies show us how orchestra musicians have a higher degree of commitment to the workplace than the general workforce, and at the same time peak the stats of anxiety and depression. We are willing to give up our happiness and health to create music.
But I believe now that we can have it all! We can actually use the challenges of musicianship to grow as human beings both physically and mentally throughout our lives!
I now know the immense benefits of recognising the body as the instrument, understanding what to work with in the body to produce a clearer sound and more resonance, how to find peace in a performance situation however intense the journey might be, how to feel secure and supported in the mind and the body and to unlock the innate power within both. Not only did my playing get better by discovering all of this, but so did my personal life and the experience of being a musician.
Having had chronic shoulder and back pain in my teens, which I tried to ignore with painkillers and physical treatments for a while, eventually I had to go find some real answers. I already had a lifelong fascination with psychology and physiology, so off I went to discover new worlds of knowledge. I was accompanied for the journey by my innate problem-solving curiosity, an insatiable thirst for great music and freedom of playing. Plus, I always wanted to help others and would constantly share with colleagues what had worked for me, seeing results for them too. Since 2007 I have been lucky to help thousands of musicians in several music universities and other institutions with enhancing coordination related to playing. Understanding the functioning of the body can help you to develop further as a musician throughout your whole life. There is no age limit for exploring and learning new things.
No longer blindly accepting everything I was taught, questioning the status quo and keeping my curiosity alive along the way has really shaped what Timani is today. It was inevitable really that Timani would be born. And I’m so glad to be sharing it with you today in such an easy, accessible way.
I really hope you join us for the journey of self-discovery and development. And that together with many other musicians you can now benefit from Timani, regardless of the instrument that you play or genre you sing. We all deserve to feel supported, strong and relaxed in our bodies, peaceful in our minds and to create the kind of musical community we want to play within. I really wish to offer everything possible with the TimaniCommunity, and I look so much forward to seeing you in there and sharing all I can to help you in the journey of reaching a lifetime of enjoyable playing.
"Timani has given me the possibility to reach as high as I want as a musician... By getting my body "on my team" in the process of becoming as good flutist as I want to be, it was finally physically possible! 

The Timani exercises and the knowledge Tina has provided for me have improved my coordination immensely and my improvements on the instrument go hand in hand with that coordination. 

I am also very grateful for Tina's knowledge about the mental part of being a musician, and her understanding of the nervous system and our fright responses have helped me a lot. I'm happy to be a part of a community where there is openness, curiosity and so much helpful knowledge!"

Björg Brjánsdóttir, Flutist
"If you are a teacher it is not within your integrity to ignore this course once you have heard of it. You will learn the latest cutting edge understandings and knowledge about the body explained and applied to music making for instant progress."
– Shukrananda Gant, singer/voice teacher
"Timani offers a great revelation of how to use the body in the most efficient way for musicians. It is both very theoretical and anatomical, and very practical in a natural and personal way."

– Hallfridur Olafsdottir, solo flutist, Iceland Symphony Orchestra
"I feel much more present in all parts of my body, a more whole me. This course gives very good insight into a concrete way of using the body in the best possible way."

– Emilie Storaas, singer

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